Camping Ideas and Tips to Get You Going

If you are contemplating a perfect outdoor vacation, there can be no doubt that camping is one of the fun things you have already considered for your �to do list.’ Which is just what you need for your summer holiday; Camping is a fantastic way of spending quality with your family and friends and also good for your physical and mental health. However, the thought of what it takes to finally set up camp can be quite daunting. But, you need not worry, here are tips and ideas that will help make your camping fun and a lot easier.(

Things to Consider Before You Leave
Camping can be a bit tough sometimes, therefore, make sure you’ve packed everything you need before leaving for your camping site. First and most important, you’ll need a survival kit for when emergencies arise. You’ll also need a mini medicine cabinet, preferably a pill box or a small bag containing drugs for common ailments such as fever, cold and flu.

Then, prepare a packing list of everything you’ll need and tick as you pack so that you don’t end up forgetting essential things like cooling racks, matches or a lighter, emergency toilet, a lantern, and so forth. Remember to wrap glasses and other fragile equipment in pieces of clothing to avoid any breakages. Another trick is to carry your eggs in a Jar or bottle to avoid the scenario of cracked eggs. This will also make your work easier when you want to prepare your scrambled eggs; all you’ll have to do is shake and pour. Then, keep your toilet paper, matches, beddings and fire starters dry by storing them separately from water or wrapping them in plastic bags. Good news is, there are plenty of options for fire starters including old newspapers, dryer lint and used toilet paper tubes you can carry along for that campfire. Above all, don’t forget to stock a few tacos in your bag for an easy and quick meal when you arrive at the site. (

At the Site
After you have determined the ideal camping position, make sure to position your tend and cooking place strategically by observing the wind pattern to prevent smoke from getting into it. In case it rains, or the ground gets wet, rest easy, you can still have your campfire. First of all, find a dead log, carve out a depression and make a fire in it using your fire starters, you can use the initial fire to dry off your wet wood; it’s all about new adventures anyway. Remember to clean up and pack everything before breaking camp to keep the environment pollution free. (